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Dr.-Ing. Achim Hein is a member of the newly founded Federal Expert Commission “Digital Health” within the Economic Council Germany since 2015. -> Digital Health  


Health Telematics has the potential to provide benefits to all its participants. With the use of Telemedicine, new health services are generated, services can be improved and therefore new business segments can be developed.

For an improvement in patient-centered care and for the elderly, telemedicine can intensify and expand the therapy.

The requirement for a successful implementation is a specific expertise. Our expertise is built upon a wide base of profound practical experience. We contribute to the conception and realization of healthcare solutions in eHealth, mHealth and smarter Home. Below is an excerpt of our offer:

First admission for telemedicine

Cost coverage for patient-centered care at home

After positive results in the evaluation, the telemedical EvoCare-therapy was admitted by an institution of the social security: the German Pension Insurance. At first it was regionally limited to Bavaria-South.

However this first admission for telemedicine in Germany, made it possible for other institutions of the German Pension Insurance to expand their offer and provide their patients with the possibility of a telemedical therapy as well.

An operating model for care provider helps with the implementation.

-> Vortrag, DRV Bayern Süd, 2. Bayerischer Tag der Telemedizin, 2. April 2014 (PDF)

-> Details EvoCare®-Behandlung (

MobileHealth - Pharma (ProCam Schnelltest)

Prevention for 3 millions of end cusomers

In the context of a national health campaign, the PROCAM-test was realized in pharmacies. Initiator of the project was STADA Arzneimittel AG. A science-based prevention test from the “Assmann-Stiftung für Prävention” was used.

Dr. Hein® was responsible for the realization.

-> Präventionskampagne: Deutschland sorgt vor (MyVideo)

-> Details EvoMobi (Link)

Healthy and secure living at home (AAL)

The Project „Abitare sicuri – Sicheres Wohnen“ (Ambient Assistet Living) got international attention already in its launch period. The New York Times reported about the project in its issue from September, 23 in 2009.

The pilot project in the area of the italian city Bozen targeted at the use of new technologies and services in the field of homecare for independent or partly dependent senior citizens. Those new technologies and services are able to interpret the home environment. The project had in mind to raise the quality of life using the new services and technologies, thus helping the elderly to stay in their own home as long as possible and giving autonomy and security without being invasive.

With the senior citizens being able to stay at home longer and helping to put off a retirement as long as possible, there are national savings in the social security systems.

Improvement of cognition and motor skills at 80 % of the participants

Theme: AAL - Ambient Assisted Living

Customer: Stadt Bozen/Italien, Projekt Abitare Sicuri.

Intention: Improving safety and quality of life for the senior citizens within their familiar environment.

Projektpartner: Dr. Hein®, IBM Italien, Betrieb für Sozialdienste Bozen, TIS innovation park

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